About Us

Agility is how you win in rapidly changing selling environments. ESG is how you get Agile

The Enterprise Selling Group transforms conventional sales teams into high performing Agile selling teams, arming you and your team with the skills to rapidly and continuously adapt to changing buying, market and competitive conditions. And to succeed in the midst of highly dynamic selling environments.

We help you win in three key ways.

We help you change selling behaviors.

  • Adopting the Agile Selling Framework improves the adaptability of your sales professionals in changing business, product and competitive scenarios.

We help your leaders be more effective coaches.

  • You get a simple, time-efficient framework plus tools and technology. The combination helps sales managers who are pressed for time coach their teams in Agile selling skills and the Agile Selling Framework.

We’re with you for the long haul.

  • Our engagements are six months and longer in duration to provide training reinforcement and calibration, and to help teams apply the Agile framework to changing conditions.


Kevin Temple, a pioneer in the development and application of Agile methodologies to enterprise sales, leads the Enterprise Sales Group.

As VP of Sales for Cadence Design Systems, he used the underlying principles of Agile selling to increase revenue growth from 5 percent to 30 percent and deal size by a factor of five. After leaving Cadence, he founded one of the top 20 sales consulting and training firms in the world. Building on his experience and work with the top enterprise technology companies, he then developed the Agile Selling Framework, using it to change behaviors and fuel success at clients including Cisco, Dell, Mentor Graphics, Credence Systems, Virage Logic, AWR, Wind River Systems, Imprivata, Good Technology and many others.

Kevin is widely published on sales methodology subjects and sales leadership and transformation subjects. He has authored for Selling Power Magazine, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, MentorU, and many sales-oriented sites.