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ESG Helps Imprivata Increase Growth 47%

Imprivata is innovating authentication, access management and secure communications for healthcare. The company and its people are focused on improving the productivity of healthcare providers and the experience of their patients. In an effort to better tap growing market demand, Imprivata invested in leading marketing automation solutions. Unfortunately, they found they were overwhelming their sales force with undeveloped leads.

ESG worked with Imprivata to break the logjam. We helped them implement a qualification model that made it possible for their sales team to swiftly identify which opportunities deserved focus, and which should be returned to the automated nurturing process.

Using Agile selling and coaching skills, the Imprivata sales team increased the transactions per sales rep 20 percent. Service bookings grew 300 percent. And average contract value jumped 19 percent, contributing to an overall growth rate of 47 percent.

“Our team was swamped with a huge volume of leads, many of which were poor quality but required a lot of time to qualify. Working with ESG, we developed an approach to sorting wheat from the chaff, making our team far more efficient and far more effective We trained our team to be more Agile Sellers, resulting in a 47 percent increase in growth,”

Tom Brigiotta, former Senior Vice President of Sales, Imprivata