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Jive Gets Agile To Increase ACV 32%

Jive Software makes it possible for employees, customers and partners to work better together. The company’s interactive solutions provide authentic interactions and the deep engagement that drives productivity, satisfaction and brand advocacy for 30 million users and thousands of companies. But competitors were bundling free options in other applications, creating a confusing decision for many potential customers.

There’s no question it’s tough to compete against free. However, ESG helped Jive hone the sales message and develop an approach linking its solution to customers’ true business issues.

Jive Software relied on the Agile Selling Framework to diagnose and adapt to the competitive challenge. They learned to call higher into prospect companies, and communicate true business value. The result was a jump in ACV of 32 percent during a six-month period.

“ESG helped us develop Agile selling skills and a selling strategy to consistently win against a free-of-charge competitor, while increasing ACV 32 percent,”

John McCracken, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Jive Software