Mastering Virtual Web Based Selling Helps Act-On Software Increase Average Contract Value 28% In Less Than Two Months

If you or others in your organization rely on a web meeting platform like WebEx or GoToMeeting to conduct sales calls this article should be very interesting to you. While the advent of web based meeting platforms have improved the efficiency and volume of sales calls, the environment adds challenges to a discipline that relies heavily on reading body language and non-verbal communication. We’re proud to announce the outcome of our project to help Act-On Software improve the results of their web based virtual sales calls!

Act-On Software is the leading provider of marketing automation for fast-growing businesses, helping more than 4,800 brands maximize customer lifetime value. The company relies on an inside sales team that interacts with customers via dual screens and the WebEx web conferencing platform.

Act-On retained ESG to help it increase revenue productivity in a market segment characterized by price sensitivity and a growing number of low cost, low frill competitors. Sales engagements often started with a demo, were limited to a few marketing contacts and resulted in small contracts.

“Our team has improved dramatically at dual screen selling with the help of ESG. They are now qualifying customers better and more quickly, focusing on the drivers of customer value, and connecting our solutions to customer problemsDavid Satterwhite, Chief Revenue Officer

ESG helped Act-On’s reps learn to read customers even when they couldn’t see their faces or read their body language. They became skilled at having meaningful conversations about customer problems rather than monologues about Act-On solutions. They qualified customers better and sold value connected to customer business issues.

The transformation was fueled by management’s commitment to the process, and by a company culture focused on continuous improvement. ESG and Act-On’s sales leadership used the company’s instance of to review sales calls, guiding sales reps to listen more and talk less, and ask the right kinds of questions to expose underlying business needs.

ESG’s dual screen selling coaching methodology, combined with Gong’s sales diagnosis capability and WebEx’s interactive features provided the recipe for increasing Act-On’s ACV.