Customer successes

A singular focus on your success

ESG is focused on helping you and your team master Agile Selling. Because agile teams and individuals thrive amidst great complexity and rapid change.
And because agility is the key to controlling the buying process, calling higher and developing greater value in every selling situation.

It starts with you

The starting point for Agile selling is listening. It’s baked into our approach to selling, and it’s the foundation of our work with you. We dig deep to understand the challenges you’re facing – changing buyer behaviors, pricing, products or competition. Or other factors that are creating a dynamic selling environment requiring a new and more Agile approach to overcome your sales challenges.

“ESG helped us increase our pipeline in lines of business 300%, expanding our footprint and our sales success beyond our traditional position in IT. We consistently called higher, changed old behaviors and turned our team into Agile Sellers,”

Danny Brundage, Senior Consultant

“Our team was swamped with a huge volume of leads, many of which were poor quality but required a lot of time to qualify. Working with ESG, we developed an approach to sorting wheat from the chaff, making our team far more efficient and far more effective We trained our team to be Agile Sellers, resulting in a 47 percent increase in growth,”

Tom Brigiotta, former Senior Vice President of Sales, Imprivata

“ESG helped us develop Agile selling skills and a selling strategy to consistently win against a free-of-charge competitors, while increasing ACV 32 percent,”

John McCracken, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Jive Software

“We became Agile sellers to expand beyond the IT department and successfully sell into legal, HR and the C-suite. We broke through several large deal size barriers as well, significantly increasing ACV,”

Brian Car, former Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Good Technology

“We have improved our ramp up time and competitive differentiation with ESG’s focus on Agile Selling skills,”

Brian Car, Senior VP Worldwide Sales, Appcelerator Inc

“Our attach rate metric increased 26% in the 30 days following the sales process introduction by ESG,”

Brian Powers, Worldwide Director of Sales Training