Survey results: love and hate for dual screen selling

The good news is that sales pros love selling over the web. The bad news is sales pros hate selling over the web.

The split is understandable. It’s easier and less expensive to schedule and conduct a web conference than align travel and in person meetings. Yet according to our survey respondents, golden opportunities to engage and qualify customers are missed when the connection is virtual and online.

When selling via web conference:
– a small percentage of sales professionals use the polling and interactive features of their web conferencing solutions to solidify the problem definition
– the majority find it challenging to qualify or disqualify opportunities
– a similar majority think it’s difficult to reach agreement and connect their solution to customer’s underlying business problem

Not surprisingly, few have received web conference-specific training to address these challenges.

For better or worse, selling via web conference isn’t going away. A large percentage of B2B sales cycles will continue to start with a conversation via GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx or similar solution.

We’re listening and we’ve got a response: we’re piloting a new program to develop skills for selling via web conference, applying the proven Agile Framework for the online experience. We’d love your input, so please reply to this post or contact us to share your thinking.