What We Do

What We Do

ESG arms you with everything you and your team need to continuously adapt to and succeed in dynamic selling environments

The Agile Selling Framework™

The Agile Selling Framework is a comprehensive system designed from the ground up for enterprise sales teams facing rapid and continuous change. It features:

  • A context-based sales leadership plan updated each quarter to address new or emerging challenges, and the actions needed to overcome them.
  • A selling approach powered by Agile Methods with simple-to-use tools that promote adoption.
  • A learning model that simplifies the transfer of critical information while stripping away the superfluous.
  • A measurement and reporting framework that tracks key metrics and supports change management.

The Agile Sales Manager™

The Agile Sales Manager equips leaders with the skills and tools they need to provide coaching in Agile selling, and to help team members continuously apply the Agile Method to changing circumstances. It includes:

  • A coaching model to help managers be more effective sales leaders, especially in time sensitive environments.
  • CoachingNavigator™, the technology solution that guides managers in identifying gaps in selling skills, and pares down the coaching dialog to just the topics that will generate the greatest return with real opportunities.
  • A learning model that simplifies the transfer of critical information while stripping away the superfluous.
  • Tools to help managers who are spread-too-thin more effectively coach across extended lines of control.

The Agile Engagement Model™

Agile Selling is a framework and a frame of mind based on continuous engagement with the marketplace, continuous learning and continuous adaptation. We practice what we preach, with an average six-month long engagement to ensure the Framework is implemented, adopted and returning your maximum return on investment.

The Agile Framework for Dual Screen Selling™

The Agile Framework for Dual Screen Selling arms sales professionals with the skills they need to effectively engage customers online and via web conferencing. It applies Agile Selling principles to web-based selling, and shows both field and inside sales pros how to take full advantage of web conferencing solutions to engage customers, uncover value and connect with buyer’s requirements.