Everything is changing around you. You still have to make your number.

Conventional sales tactics are no longer enough when the status quo no longer holds. Because highly dynamic selling environments reward the agile — the sales professionals who are best able to diagnose and respond to change.

More agility results in more Average Contract Value and more Annual Recurring Revenue

Your team’s agility in the face of dynamic change is the key to increasing Average Contract Value and Annual Recurring Revenue. And to compressing sales cycles and the ramp time for new members of your team

Agility is a learned skill. We’ll show you how.

ESG’s Agile Selling Framework™ is a comprehensive approach to changing the way your team controls the buying process. The ESG Agile Sales Manager™ is its complement, changing the way you coach your team as products, pricing, competitors, and attention span disrupt the marketplace around you.

Changing behaviors is a process, not an event

Unlike many other firms, ESG engagements are often six months and longer. We proactively engage to help you apply key learnings, and to help your team continuously adapt in real time as the environment changes.

ESG: the synergy of deep domain expertise, advanced skills training and Agile methodologies

ESG was founded on a compelling vision: apply the Agile Method to complex and highly dynamic enterprise selling, and train enterprise salespersons and their leaders in its art and science.

Our team is made up of enterprise sales experts that have carried bags, led sales teams and owned big numbers during times of complex change. We’ve successfully trained sales teams to sell more for companies including Cisco, Dell, Synposys, Cadence, Veritas, Wind River, and VMware..