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Because the advantage goes to the agile

ESG Agile Selling Framework™

Call higher, develop greater value and better manage the buying process

The New B2B Selling Manifesto

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Everything is changing fast.
Your team needs to adapt faster

The buyer’s journey is changing.
So too is the market, your products and your competitors. Agile sales teams win because they consistently and continuously adapt to dynamic selling environments.

Transform conventional sales teams into high performing Agile selling teams

Arm leaders to keep their sales teams agile and adaptive

Exceptional sales training is a process, not event

32% increase

in Average Contract Value

Jive Software adopted ESG’s Agile Selling Framework to increase ACV 32% despite stiff competition from free offerings

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250% increase

in Average Contract Value in 90 days

Good Technology turned to ESG to help them expand from IT to lines of business, increasing ACV 250% in the first 90 days and 1000% in nine months

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